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My approach

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Alan Williams has been writing Wills for over ten years and has vast experience with the sensitivities and complexities sometimes involved. I pride myself on simplifying the process, to keep it clear, professional and reliable. See my points of difference.



It's simpler than many would like you to believe. After all, if it's perceived to be complex, isn't it easier for legal service providers to charge more? Yet that's not the ethos behind what makes me a popular choice.


Also, there is no legal requirement to use a solicitor and you could create a Will yourself, providing you have the time to study the subjects in sufficient depth! I'm here to save you that time and the anxiety of getting it right.


Wills are created using the Legacy Software System (owned by Countrywide Tax and Trust Corporation Ltd), which has over 6,000 subscribers in the UK, including solicitors. For lasting Power of Attorney and Probate applications, documents are sourced from the relevant organisations.


Where and when?

Appointments are typically first held over the phone, to keep things personal but super time and cost efficient. However, appointments can be held in your home or business premises, during the day or evening, if that suits you more (please expect a small additional charge).


My approach is driven by my belief that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes through having a Will. Affordability and the ability to de-mystify the process is therefore essential... and forms the essence of my business approach.

What next?

Take a moment to look at my service guides with prices. Please don't hesitate to ask if testimonials would help put your mind at rest too!


To talk it over and book an appointment, simply give me a call or drop me an email.

Alan Williams.



My points of difference:


Clear pricing & no VAT

(see my fees)

No jargon, no hype, no over-complication!

No document

storage free

No hourly charge

(so no creeping costs!)

Wills at Home will not be executors or attorneys

Free annual review

A Will written by yourself is most likely to be invalid because it has not been witnessed correctly. I'll ensure your Will is correct, with all the details that matter most to you included.

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